I always said I’d rather join a fraternity

ImageMy roommate in college joined a sorority, and I was happy to see her find so many new friends. But…the nonstop traffic of 21-year-old party girls in and out of my closet was hardly ideal. They thought my clothes were theirs too and treated me as just another Kappa (or whatever they were.)Sorority life – with all the makeup, pillow fights, cheeseball stuff – was never for me. It didn’t seem fun at all. But a fraternity – now that is something I thought would have been fun. Beer, sports, video games, the fun comradely – that always seemed more fun.

Years later, that roommate is one of my best friends, and I was her maid of honor. And the idea of being in a fraternity hasn’t subsided – but the idea is a little different now.

As I embark on this next step of my career path, my goal is to take on a position with a company that would have me being involved heavily involved in the oil and gas industry. A dear mentor of mine says getting into oil and gas is like trying to “get into a really tight fraternity,” but I’m not as afraid of taking the steps I need to take to accomplish this feat as I was of all those make-up-faced blondes “borrowing” my clothes, jewelry and perfume.

Besides getting all my documents in order for my grad school application, my big time-consuming commitment this week is to learn as much about the oil and gas industry as humanly possible.

I’m ready for rush week already.

I’m looking for really good reading or viewing materials. Anybody have any suggestions?


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