Human Brands: The Value Of Relationships

humansIn recent weeks, I’ve started to explore unfamiliar territories of the digital-sphere; and I’ve been researching less about football stats and local crime rates and have been learning more about marketing, networking and brand development.

With gobs of information to sift through and pages to bookmark, I’ve stumbled upon a list I find intriguing – 13 Characteristics of the Human Brand.

Characteristic No. 3 – Value relationships – on the list reads:

Human brands value the people more than the dollar signs. They are not willing to trade a dollar for relationships gone bad. They know that investing in people is the only way and that relationships are both the cake and the icing of business and personal or professional success. You won’t see the human brand buying fake Twitter follower or Facebook fans. They value real human to human interaction and authentic relationships.

How true this is. Whether it’s conversation hear over radio airwaves or BP’s ongoing effort to clean up its image after the 2010 oil spill, connecting with the intended audience and creating that relationship is crucial and should be valued.

As for me, creating relationships and drawing in human interaction is a passion; and I look forward to translating that into the field of marketing.


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