Local Hair Artist Declines Corporate Offer


When Euphora International learned about Issamira Arjona and her MÊLER technique of coloring hair, the interest from company president Don Bewley and vice president Joann Bewley boomed despite their attempts to appear as only subtle curiosities.

MÊLER means “a mixture of colors” in French; and the technique, which could and should revolutionize the hair industry, has the big guys with big labels scrambling.

sami-arjonaDuring a MÊLER hair color technique application, 6 to 10 colors are used in a unique marbleized pattern, smudged and melded at the roots, which allows regrowth to appear a part of the artistic effect. Depending on a client’s natural hair color, lifestyle, maintenance level and hair growth patterns, this technique enables clients to go as long as eight months between touch-ups. Most clients go three to five months before the application is necessary again.

You better believe it

Joann Bewley needed to witness it for herself. She scouted Arjona’s Houston salon Touch of Red, interviewed a number of her clients about the MÊLER and observed Arjona as she performed her technique. Bewley was convinced.

Arjona and her team flew to Euphora headquarters in San Diego to present in front of a panel of experts. Following a PowerPoint presentation about the MÊLER technique and the success she’s had, Arjona performed her color technique on two models – one redhead and one blonde – chosen by Don Bewley and his team.

“It was very exciting to go out there and perform in front of 25 artistic hair dressers and a bunch of board members,” Arjona said. “When we started doing numbers, they said ‘There’s no way it could be done’.”

Most hair dressers use one or two tubes of color and one high lift when highlighting hair. That’s not the case when Arjona performs her MÊLER technique.

“When we were done with the two MÊLER techniques, we had used 17 tubes of color,” she said about the presentation. “That shows a huge increase in the quantity of product we, as well as future MÊLER hair dressers, would purchase.”

According to a two-year hair study performed by Arjona’s team, the average hair dresser uses 20 or 30 percent of a color line. Since perfecting the MÊLER technique, she uses 85 to 90 percent of a color line – an increase of up to 400 percent when compared to other color experts.

“That’s what they couldn’t believe. They were very ecstatic.”

Not only does the client save money, but the hair dresser makes more money per sitting and uses a larger range of colors.

This technique, Arjona says, could be applied using any color line; and some clients go up to six months without regrowth showing.

Despite the interest in learning about the MÊLER, Euphora doesn’t currently have a color line – which could have lead to brilliant opportunities for both the company and Arjona.

Lackluster offer

In front her peers, Arjona received praise for the self-taught, self-created revolution.

“Don Bewley said ‘she has something – something big’, but he wanted to pay me pennies.”

Arjona wants more than just praise and compliments for her work.

“If I’m showing your company that you’re going to make 60- to 80-percent more in sales in a year, I want what is fair.”

Arjona believes Don Bewley may have just wanted all her expertise as a handout despite the company’s lackluster attempt to recreate the MÊLER.

As for making a counter offer, Arjona didn’t see the point.

“I realized he’s just not a person I want to work with. It was a waste of my time. I’ve worked so hard on this, so maybe his just isn’t the right company,” Arjona said. “The first thing he said to me when we walked in [for the presentation] was ‘I know it all.’

“He doesn’t understand color. He’s in retail,” Arjona exclaimed. “Until they understand color, they’re not going to understand the value of my technique like another corporation would.”

Since turning down Euphora’s offer, Don Bewley has reached out to her once. Arjona did not return the call.

Bewley could not be reached for comments.

Since then, Arjona’s MÊLER technique is getting attention from other companies, and her clients continue to book her several months in advance.

For more information on the MÊLER technique, call (713) 524-1400 or go to tor.com.


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