Local Hair Artist Declines Corporate Offer


When Euphora International learned about Issamira Arjona and her MÊLER technique of coloring hair, the interest from company president Don Bewley and vice president Joann Bewley boomed despite their attempts to appear as only subtle curiosities.

MÊLER means “a mixture of colors” in French; and the technique, which could and should revolutionize the hair industry, has the big guys with big labels scrambling.

sami-arjonaDuring a MÊLER hair color technique application, 6 to 10 colors are used in a unique marbleized pattern, smudged and melded at the roots, which allows regrowth to appear a part of the artistic effect. Depending on a client’s natural hair color, lifestyle, maintenance level and hair growth patterns, this technique enables clients to go as long as eight months between touch-ups. Most clients go three to five months before the application is necessary again.

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